Kentish Cobnuts 

In-House Orchard, Igtham Mote, Sevenoaks, Kent 

The CIC works with Gillian Jones, to harvest, process and bring to market, cobnut kernel and roasted cobnut kernel. 2019 was the first harvest together, and these are available online and at the Borough Market nut store. 

Kentish Walnuts 

East Malling, Kent 

Walnuts harvested by us, collected thanks to agreement with the East Malling Trust. This is an orchard planted as a test bed for UK walnut production, with 130 different varieties. As a consequence, we offer a huge range of walnuts

Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts

Cascina Valcrosa, Piedmont, Italy 

These hazelnuts are called Tonda Gentile and sourced from one producer outside Alba, Piedmont.

The Bruna brothers run the family orchard and have proven excellent partners as the sole supplier of IGP certified Tonda Gentile Hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts, much like apples, have many different varieties, with vastly different flavour profiles. Tonda Gentile is a
slightly lower yielding variety, grown predominantly in this region of Italy and prized for it’s flavour. With a higher
proportion of fatty acids than filberts, these nuts have an incredible creamy richness.



Whole Almonds 

Blanched Almonds

Almond Nibs

Almond Flour 

Almendrehesa Association,

regenerative farming group, 

Andalusia, Spain

Organic almonds from the  Almendrehesa Association, Andalusia, Spain. This organisation is working in the region to address the problem of desertification. Standard almond cultivation involves certain practices that can exacerbate soil erosion; tilling every 2 months, for example, is particularly detrimental. 

Relatively simple methods are being deployed to address this. The introduction of swales, or mini banking's into the landscape ensure rainfall is retained; making it available for the trees over longer periods. This eliminates the need for irrigation in extremely water stressed areas.  The banking's also help retain top soil, meaning the compost applied is used by the tree and yields can be maintained without the addition of artificial fertiliser. 


The use of fertility building cover crops from September to April is helping rejuvenate the integrity and organic carbon content of the soils. The presence of the leguminous roots aggregates the soil, preventing the run off and nutrient loss caused by excessive tillage.  The pictures above show a mix of legumes and barley, planted to fix nitrogen and increase organic carbon content in the soils. Shortly after these photos were taken, this cover crop was ploughed into the soil, and the fixed nitrogen and moisture held in the plant matter became available to the almond tree during its summer growing period.  The cover crop is then sown again in the autumn followinng harvest. In this way, the soil is covered during winter, when most at risk of erosion from wind and torrential rain.

Noix de Grenoble Walnuts

Roman-sur-Isere, France

Nicolas and Laure based outside Roman-Sur-Isere are the supplier of Noix de Grenoble, French Walnuts. They were chosen as reliable partners in the region able to supply consistently excellent quality kernel. The farm has been in the family for three generations and spreads out across the Isere valley. The whole valley is carpeted with walnut orchards which benefit from the rich soil deposited from the Isere river over centuries.