Food & Forest, Borough Market, London, SE1 1TL 

Our Story

Food and Forest is a social enterprise established to expand the use of agroforestry farming. All profit from the trade in products is directed towards a three point incentive package to make alley cropping a reality. 


The package deals with the three major obstacles hindering the expansion of this farming method. Specifically; the current grant confusion, the risk of a new crop, and the huge gap between investment and return. These obstacles are overcome with the following: 

1. Development of a specific, one-off, alley cropping grant.

2. A futures contract for future nut purchase at point-of-planting.

3. An equity release system to liquify timber value before harvest 




The company sells quality raw organic nuts, savoury flavoured nuts, and sweet nut brittle at Borough Market, Monday - Saturday.

The enterprise plants and maintains the future supply chains of hazelnut and walnut alley cropping. These farms combine cereals with nut trees to reduce soil loss by up to 50%, cleaning our rivers and restoring soil integrity. 


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