The CIC Objectives

Food and Forest is a community interest company (CIC) established to expand the use of agroforestry farming. Profit from the trade in products is directed towards a three point incentive package to make alley cropping a reality. 


The package deals with the three major obstacles hindering the expansion of this farming method. Specifically; the current grant confusion, the risk of a new crop, and the huge gap between investment and return. These obstacles are overcome with the following: 

1. Development of a specific, one-off, alley cropping grant.

2. A forward contract for future nut purchase at point-of-planting.

3. An equity release system to liquify timber value before harvest 


Alongside this, the capacity building necessary to make UK nut production and processing as efficient as possible. 




What is a Community Interest Company?

A community interest company (CIC) is a company set up with legal articles stating how the organisaiton will use its work to benefit wider societal goals. 

The profit must remain within the company and be directed towards these stated objectives. There are no shareholders or dividends issued.  CIC's are regulated annually to assess how the work of the company has contributed towards their binding objectives. They can then have their status revoked.

The enterprise plants and maintains the future supply chains of hazelnut and walnut alley cropping. These farms combine cereals with nut trees to reduce soil loss by up to 50%, cleaning our rivers and restoring soil integrity. 


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